Train The Trainer – Unlock NLP Potential as a trainer and become Charismatic Speaker

Eligibility: Basic NLP Practitioner

Expectations: We expect you to be through with the Basic Knowledge of NLP and have experienced its magic. We also expect you to complete your home play before you start the class.

What does TTT means?

Train the Trainer Course is designed by Ridhima Dua; integrating the knowledge of her expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming developed from her learnings and from the knowledge she has gained internationally and nationally from the class apart mentors and trainers. It’s a 6 day course spread over two weeks and high intense course for any trainer to use NLP Tools in any kind of trainings/presentations they conduct and progress towards excellence

  • If you are ready to take your presentations to the excellence unknown to you
  • If you are curious to apply your knowledge in any training/presentation you deliver
  • If you are delivering presentations/seminars/training in any field and curious to have high influential delivery
  • If you are getting ready to using NLP application in kind of workshops/presentations
  • If you are curious to run your own training workshops in NLP or in any other field like technical or non-technical using NLP as an application/tool
  • If you would like to create the highest impact on your audience
  • If you would like to create Charisma in your training
  • If you would like to be able to have breakthroughs with your clients faster and long-lasting
  • If you would like to create a clear, strong, fundamental structure of your subject delivery
  • If you would like to create a financial support system with individual counselling/coaching/training
  • If you would like to create a financial support system with open house workshops using NLP Methodology
  • If you would like to conduct Corporate Training using applied NLP
  • If you would like to become the highest-paid influencer trainer in any field
  • If you would like to learn to deliver NLP training from the rarest Indian Women trained by John Grinder, Michael Carroll, Carmen Bostic.
  • If you would like to learn the modelling process of NLP
  • If you are looking forward to long term networking with like-minded people
  • Learn the art of training/presentation
  • Metaphors- Open and Close metaphors
  • Training Format
  • Delivering Techniques - Training Methodology
  • Language Commands
  • Impactful Presentations
  • Rapport in one-one coaching and group trainings
  • Business Mastery
  • Influencing business stakeholders with language commands
  • Using Space in a logic-based process
  • Using your physiology and tonality
  • Creating deeper connect with your participants
  • Maintaining different stats as trainer
  • Handling any business context using NLP tools easily
  • State change for audience
  • Using Peripheral Vision as a Trainer
  • When and how to have lighter moments
  • Handling difficult people using Provocation subtly
  • Easy Instant edit in your training/presentation
  • Packaging your techniques/demonstration/activities in a structured manner
  • NLP Application in other business context
  • NLP Content integration for Corporate training
  • NLP Content integration in one-one coaching
  • How to kick start your own workshops – Audience, Content, Marketing, and Personal Branding

  • Staying in your power posture
  • High Sensory Acuity and self-awareness
  • Delivering the message easily
  • Having strong hold on content
  • Understanding the why and the structure of the process
  • Flexible to design techniques for students for multiple outcomes
  • Learn how as a presenter in any topic you can use NLP in many ways
  • Sense Energies in the room and react accordingly
  • Able to create change faster, easier and deeper
  • Overcome your own belief systems as a presenter
  • Learn – When, how, how much and what- to speak as a trainer
  • Able to gauge internal and external shifts clearly
  • Excelling your own delivery and reaching excellence
  • Making an impact on your performance
  • Becoming highly flexible in using vocal and physiology
  • Managing the difficult people and handling questions easily
  • When and how to have lighter moments
  • Handling difficult people using Provocation subtly
  • Higher self-satisfaction and improved performance
  • Becoming a master in creating naturalistic examples for your topic
  • Ease at talking anything to anyone
  • Flexibility to change content easily when in-a-pickle
  • Influencing unconsciously using language commands
  • Revelation of the subject matter in a structure way for agile and easy understanding

Anyone who wants to:
  • People interested to make career in training and coaching industry with NLP
  • Must for Trainers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, healers, psychologists, psychotherapists, Yoga Professionals, HR professionals, psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, entrepreneurs
Ridhima’s personal attention to everyone to achieve specific goals. Continuous learning through community & initiatives of Ridhima.
  • Personal breakthrough session.
  • Connect with the community of empowering people
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy application real-life situations
  • Focus on real change which is bitter at times but tastes good at last.
  • Guaranteed results
  • We don’t leave you until you achieve results
“It’s all about YOU! We make this program unique by moulding the dough depending upon what outcome people want to achieve and focus on results”

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