Eligibility: Basic Practitioner NLP

Our Expectations: We expect you to read through the Basic manual and also be ready with home play given prior to the workshop.

  • Modelling Foundation of NLP
  • Modelling Patterns for Excellence – Practice and installation
  • Master your Linguistic - Advanced Linguistic Model
  • Beyond Words Linguistic
  • Metaphors with Clients – Patterns with Metaphors
  • Metaprograms
  • Trance Words
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns for Reframing
  • Sound Anchors and Visual Anchors for growth
  • Acute your Sensory more
  • Value Systems
  • Installation of Signals
  • Practice Meta Questioning and enhance your communication
  • Master your presentation in a group
  • Personal Breakthroughs sessions
  • Perceptual Positions – Enhanced Version
  • Highest Peak Performances – State
  • New Coaching Models
  • How to start Coaching with NLP
  • More Patterns and Techniques
  • Refresh Basic Practitioner Knowledge
  • Enhance your knowledge on sensory acuity
  • Know your personal and professional relationship more
  • Enhance your Knowledge of NLP Modelling
  • Advance Linguistic Model
  • Learn Meta Programs and use it in daily lives
  • Understand your patterns and other thought patterns
  • Learn to change self-patterns quickly
  • In depth learning of meta modelling and empowered breakthroughs with your clients
  • Improve influencing and persuasion with mastery of language
  • Enhance Calibration Skills
  • Learn metaphors and usage
  • Quick results in your profession
  • Learn more anchoring to be used in real life
  • Using powerwalk techniques for quick benefits
  • Achieve more goals and results in your life
  • Apply NLP & coaching for your Corporate clients
  • Become a Certified Master Practitioner with NFNLP
Anyone who wants to:
  • Anyone willing to learn and apply new concepts for their personal and professional growth
  • Must for Trainers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, healers, psychologists, psychotherapists, Yoga Professionals, HR professionals, psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, entrepreneurs
  • A Game changer for IT/ITes Professional, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consultants and other working professionals
  • Artists - Journalists, Dancers, Musician, Athletes, Sportsman, Painting artists
  • Marketing, Finance, SCM, Operations
Ridhima’s personal attention to everyone to achieve specific goals. Continuous learning through community & initiatives of Ridhima.
  • Personal breakthrough session.
  • Connect with the community of empowering people
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy application real-life situations
  • Focus on real change which is bitter at times but tastes good at last.
  • Guaranteed results
  • We don’t leave you until you achieve results
“It’s all about YOU! We make this program unique by moulding the dough depending upon what outcome people want to achieve and focus on results”

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