A 10 day  program in affiliation with International Training Academy of NLP.

Course Structure – 9 Day Program + Evalutaion

ITA Certification Course – NLP Practitioner
ITA Course is the most intense course of NLP to excel and utilize tools and techniques for personal
and professional excellence.
ITA believes in quality and the mission is to spread the authentic knowledge of NLP. Ridhima
believes, the practitioners’ course by ITA can help to evolve the brain to assimilate information for
being able to model and use these techniques for a bigger purpose of creating new self and
supporting change in others.

Thrive with NLP, the art and science of Excellence, Achievement and Success.

    It is a 9 Day Program divided in 3 Modules
    Module 1- Communication with Self and Others
  • Learn to identify self-preferred system.
  • Know your own strategy to communicate and know how specifically it can change to achieve personal and professional outcomes.
  • Learn to identify other preferred system to communicate.
  • Gather specific information from the sensory input channel and the state/s change in an individual. We would be focusing on Calibration throughout the course to improve the awareness and process clean information.
  • Gather information through verbal and non-verbal components and deepening understanding of how we communicate, what we communicate.
  • Non-Verbal access cues include eye accessing, tonal and body shift (internal and external shifts).
  • Calibration gather specific information from the sensory input channel and the state/s change in an individual.
  • A model to understand How we communicate, what we communicate
  • A model of filters by which we are filtering the information unconsciously with set of experience.
  • Able to recognize the above distinctions in communication .
  • How it impacts mental processing at different points of representation.
  • Being able to design interventions and understand the leverage point of that intervention in the epistemological distinction.
  • Learn overlap systems to induce the usage of the unused system in specific context and creating more choices.
  • Learn an influencing strategy to build deep relationships.
  • Learn how to have effective communication to build great relationships leading to personal and professional benefits.
  • Learn how these strategies can be used as inter-personal skills – building rapport and connect.
  • Creating strong emotional bonds in personal and professional relationship.

  • Module 2- Strategies to create more choices and language patterns – Agent of Change
  • Using anchoring formats to create choices in desired context.
  • Adding resourceful states in the current state to achieve new desired results/state.
  • Learn the stimuli-response theory and creating more choices in personal and professional frames.
  • Using anchoring to change State.
  • Using spatial formats to create new States.
  • Learn the magical Language patterns of Dr. Milton H Erickson (John Grinder and Richard Bandler modelled him).
  • Learn Meta Model – a set of syntactic patterns with challenges in the form of questions to assist the client expand his/her mental map of possibilities or to discover that have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Learn how do we create timeline in our mind.
  • Using Timeline patterns to create re-imprinting.
  • Learn the strategy of self, other and observer with perceptual position.
  • Clean communication, content free, non-judgemental conflict resolution and solving conflicts at the deeper level.
  • Discovering new choices using perceptual position in the context.
  • Problem Solving in different situations and different context.
  • Learn how meta model can effectively be used in daily communication to achieve clear, precise and specific communication leading to healthy relationships.
  • Using MILTON model to create conscious and unconscious choices by directing the client towards set of choices using artfully vague language yet in a specific way.
  • Identifying Hidden intentions.
  • Making decision for self in a congruent way and deal with inside conflicts.
  • Learn to give feedback to self and walk towards consistent growth in personal and professional.
  • Solving dilemmas and conflict inside and achieving desired results.
  • Learn to use metaphors with self, others and in groups to challenge and create change in parallel context.

  • Module 3: Strategies to create more choices and language patterns – Agent of Change
  • Overcoming deep unconscious fears and phobia.
  • Learn what and how to use provocative therapy (Frank Farrelly) and integrate with tasking for overcoming limiting beliefs and create change.
  • Creating intervention using language package, applying tasking and overcoming the old limiting belief systems.
  • Setting parallel tasks that are isomorphic to the present issue to create change with the direct involvement.
  • Learn how Meta violations and challenges can discover problem solving, conflict resolution and leadership solutions and can be used as an influencing tool.
  • Learn using language package specifically for clean communication.
  • Creating new behaviours and strategies.
  • Access your involuntarily body signals. Kinesiology study indicates “Body Talk” and body gives you signals, accessing and listening to it at the right time, can create new choices to select.
  • Knowing the intention and creating choices to do it differently and creating new strategies to achieve results.
  • Overcoming any addictions, allergies or any bad habit.
  • Overcoming any physical pain.
  • Creating change in physical, emotional and mental health using unconscious patterns.
  • Learning how we encode our experience and how can we decode and bring change in all the aspects of life.
  • Setting clear direction and specific outcomes with intention and attention to achieve results.
  • Know our pattern or behaviour, create change and utilise in future.
  • Overcome guilt, grief, fears, anxiety, and pain patterns
  • Breaking limited beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Understand human behavior
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Achieve personal excellence
  • Changing self-360 degrees
  • Achieve goals and target
  • Become a high peak performer
  • Understand the use of linguistic and change your language patterns
  • Get rid of physical pains
  • Improve your physical, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Influencing skills – Highly used for organizations
  • Improved Customer relations
  • Know why we do and how we do
  • Learn Leading and Pacing Techniques
  • Learn Hypnotic Patterns
  • Learn Reframing techniques
  • Learn more than 30 techniques using NLP
  • Become a Certified NLP Practitioner with NFNLP Body
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • Cross-platform applications to any training field
  • Positioning and leveraging in other professions
Anyone who wants to:
  • Anyone willing to learn and apply new concepts for their personal and professional growth
  • Trainers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, healers, psychologists, psychotherapists, Yoga Professionals, HR professionals, psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, entrepreneurs
  • A Game changer for IT/ITes Professional, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consultants and other working professionals
  • Artists - Journalists, Dancers, Musician, Athletes, Sportsman, Painting artists
Ridhima’s personal attention to everyone to achieve specific goals. Continuous learning through community & initiatives of Ridhima.
  • Personal breakthrough session.
  • Connect with the community of empowering people
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy application real-life situations
  • Focus on real change which is bitter at times but tastes good at last.
  • Guaranteed results
  • We don’t leave you until you achieve results
“It’s all about YOU! We make this program unique by moulding the dough depending upon what outcome people want to achieve and focus on results”
  • About the Program
  • NLP Basic Practitioner Program in affiliation with NFNLP, US – Classroom TrainingThe NLP Practitioners program consists of:Pre-Coaching – 2 Hour one-one Coaching session Classroom Training – 4 days of classroom training. Post Coaching – 2 Hour one-one Post Coaching- 2 Hour one-one Coaching session
  • What is NLP?
  • NLP is made up of three letters:N- Neurons which controls the function of our body by taking information inside. Our brain is made up of 100 billion neurons and each one makes 1000 or more connections to other neurons, adding up to some more 100 trillion in total. At the first access, Sense - Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory takes the information inside.L- Linguistic or Language which we speak with ourselves and others. The information received is filtered and transforms in linguistic - verbally or non-verbally.P- Programming - Programming defines how we model the world and how we do it through conditioned programming and imprinting programming.We have been programming our mind since childhood. Some programming is good and some are unwanted behaviour. NLP helps you to collapse or delete or change unwanted behavior through powerful techniques.
  • Why is NLP Becoming Famous ?
  • NLP is a set of tools which came into origin in 1970s. The tools are simple and easy to apply in life - personally and professionally. In its origin NLP is based on modelling. Modelling is a process of knowing unconscious excellence. It can be learned for self, for training/coaching others, for application in business or application in body or application in teaching kids or anywhere. It is a life skill and is based on a structure logic based process. The most important part is its giving results to everyone. Trainers/Coaches/Therapists/Psychologists/Managers/Businessmen/Housewives/Kids/Teachers/Parents/Doctors/Lawyers anyone and everyone can use it.
  • Does it work?
  • YES…Absolutely!!!
    It has worked on many successful professionals, athletes, companies, CEO’s, writers, speakers, salesmen, marketing professionals, students, house-makers and many others. We all are using it every day, knowingly or unknowingly.
    In our workshop, people felt – “It works on the unknown area of your brain! - Just SURRENDER!
  • How does it help?
  • Improve your sensory acuity for a heightened awareness of oneself and the surroundings
    Gain insights into human behaviour
    Understand why you do what you do
    Acquire tools and skills for achieving personal excellence
    Overcoming limiting beliefs and realize your potential
    Get rid of past mentally
    Set and achieve your life goals
    Get rid of any unwanted behaviour like addiction, anger, laziness, fears, anxiety, grief, guilt, sadness, confusion, dilemma and many more.
    Modelling Behaviour
    Relationship Building
    Above is just a list, it is much more than this!
  • Who can Attend?
  • IT professional | Doctors | Teachers | Trainers | Lawyers | Students | Homemakers | Managers | BOD | Social Workers | Engineers
  • Can I remove my physical pain using NLP ?
  • Yes, physical pain can be cured using NLP techniques
  • Can I cure my addictions/unwanted behaviours ?
  • Yes, You can do that
  • Can NLP help me in my career ?
  • Yes
  • Can NLP help me in my personal relationship with my spouse/parents/colleagues/friends?
  • Yes
  • Can NLP help me to achieve my professional dreams and personal dreams ?
  • It can take from a millisecond to breathe to change if you are ready to change. A simple reason is while learning any unwanted behaviour; we learn just in a breath. Surrender and you are bound to find out.
  • Who are we affiliated with?
  • The program is an affiliate program with National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, US. The certificate comes from NFNLP, US signed by Dr William Horton.
  • What will you receive once you complete this program?
  • Certificate of Basic Practitioner, NFNLP, US
    Certificate of Membership, NFNLP, US
    Registration No
    You become the Licensed Basic Practitioner with NFNLP, US
  • What we do with NLP Concepts and its techniques?
  • Human behaviour is a constant learning and evolving area. We believe there is huge potential in each individual that is either untapped or not tapped to its fullest potential. When utilized correctly, it is human behaviour with which one can attain excellence, take on new opportunities, challenges and seek solutions.
    We at iFlame Consulting, by using NLP concepts & techniques work towards bringing that transformational change in human behaviour and help you connect with your innate power to lead you towards excellence. We do this by de-installing and re-installing some of the anchors which can make individuals do much more than what they can in any context. The end results are always the best outcomes with the right approach and thinking.
  • Why NLP?

  • To achieve personal excellence
    To know human behaviour and understand it better
    To improve communication with self and others
    To break old limiting patterns and create a new pattern
    To make your unconscious create new pathways
    To overcome unwanted behaviours faster and shift to new behaviours
    To handle your emotions with new pathways

  • Why choose i-Flame?
  • No PPT Training
    Personal attention
    Focus on outcome and results
    Reporting your growth in intervals to the group
    Connect with NLP Mentors who has experienced NLP with self and others
    Personalized discussion to leveraging subject knowledge to your profession
    Lifetime membership with like-minded people
  • About Ridhima Dua
  • India's only Woman trained by NLP Academy - John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and Co-creator of New Code NLP) , Micheal Carroll, Carmen Bostic St. Clair - and completed New Code NLP
    Practitioner from NLP Academy
    -Training Hours served – More than 6000 hours exclusively at Corporate and open house workshops
    -18800 Connections and You Tube Subscribers and counting
    -Has met people from 55 countries and serves training program Pan India and internationally
    -Industry – IT, ITes, BFSI, Consulting, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry
    -Working in the industry from 15 years -Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer from NFNLP, USA
    -Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer & IAO & BIRD Certified Behavioral & Soft Skills Trainer
    -Member of TiE, Pune
    -ACC Credential & ICF Member
    -Speaker at Help Talks, Mumbai
    -Speaker at Josh Talks
    -CC Pro - Pune Chapter Founder
    -Founder -iFLAME Consulting

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