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Kirti Sanglikar got herself back from grief which was taking a toll on her confidence and boldness affecting her health, relationship and career growth.

Tired of masking herself that she was happy and normal, but when things just didn’t move she approached Ridhima.

Through the structured process using NLP, Kirti surrendered and accepted the situation and was taken through the technique of overcoming pain and grief. The lady regained her swag and got ready for life.

Today, she is much more confident and is doing extremely well professionally and personally.

Kirti Sanglikar

Homemaker turned Professional

Varleen transformed herself from being only a happy homemaker to a brilliant trainer and conquered her dreams.

She is a talented girl with resources. However, she didn’t recognize her own potential and was not ready to take the professional flight. She herself was not aware about her unconscious patterns and got the breakthrough.

She is now a much more calm and confident women with focused and solution oriented approach. She is effectively managing her household responsibilities at the same time keep up with her profession and financial independence.


Personal Transformation Programs

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