iflame Raison d’etre – Reason for Being

Human behaviour is a constant learning and evolving area. We believe there is huge potential in each individual that is either untapped or not tapped to its fullest potential. When utilized correctly, it is human behaviour with which one can attain excellence, take on new opportunities, challenges and seek solutions.

We at iFlame Consulting, work towards bringing that transformational change in human behaviour and help you connect with your innate power to lead you towards excellence. We do this by de-installing and re-installing some of the anchors which can make individuals do much more than what they can in any context. The end is result is always the best outcomes with a right approach and thinking.


We set people embark on a journey towards a lifelong excellence

Excellence is a journey towards self-exploration, self-awareness, self-regulation and self-growth in both personal and professional context. We believe that a balanced individual is mentally and emotionally a strong person who can take on with life’s journey in a much smoother and calmer way.

We wish to instil the habit of excellence in everything you do. This excellence could be in areas of health, finance, physical, mental or emotional categories of your life.

Our trainings are beneficial for people from all walks of life. Professionals, entrepreneurs, community builders, women who want to get back to their careers, homemakers, lawyers, Doctors, CA, Artists and other occupations who can benefit from our programs that would make one more eloquent  and successful.

we want to Achieve

We want to see people attaining their fullest potential, been stronger, more resourceful and competent. We want to create awareness and a community that builds itself on everyday feedback and connect like minded people.

We want to awaken the human spirit and heal the people suffering from chronic and prolonged illness through lifestyle awareness and wellness therapies in association with our fraternity partners and health associates.

We want to develop a change and acceptance culture at corporates by working on unwanted behaviours and transform people and organizations culture. We want individuals to surpass their limitations and unleash the power within.

A teacher can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges. We want to empower teachers across the world with human behaviour and create the best foundation for children.

We want to empower entrepreneurs to defy their own limitations and transform 360 degree to achieve goals. We want to help them reach new heights of excellence professionally and at the same time personally. We want to enable entrepreneurs build excellent rapport with peers, friends and family.

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