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"Talk Show on NLP with Master's NLP Trainer - Ridhima Dua & Former Mrs Asia International 2015 Debashree Das" happened on 7th Oct in Pune
What if you knew that whole life you have been practicing “Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP Unconsciously ” – “the art of achieving excellence in life”

I always admired Oprah Winfrey and her art of talking to people. She inspires us to learn from others. When I saw her first time on You Tube I just got it there and I thought “I wish I would do a bit part of it.”

Yeah!!! I know universe conspires everything and I can start somewhere by interviewing people, with a clear objective to make “aam insaan” understand the universe of “Neuro Linguistic Programming” through unwinding people’s life.. And my journey begins with great experience with my first official interview with one of the celebrity – Former Mrs Asia International 2015- Debashree Das Mall – and how did she use NLP unconsciously.

Here is the glimpse of learnings from the interview to understand the concept of NLP simply to apply in your life to achieve what you want.
Debashre Das Mall- Former Mrs. Asia International 2015- Mrs. Singapore 2014- Mrs. Singapore India 2014 - A go- getter who believes in being NO. 1.

She loves herself and most importantly believes in herself.

The interview/talk:

How did she became so successful?

The core which she used and we also use is sensory acuity – Visual -Auditory- Kinesthetic – in addition to her belief system with highest peak of conviction. For instance, when she started working on her Pageant – she continued believing that she is going to make it – She kept her focus very clearly and practiced multiple times in her mind – how does she look when she walks, her physiology, tone and strong feeling. (VAK & Circle of Excellence) – Isn’t Wow! Also, interestingly I got to know that she met his friend before applying to Mrs Singapore India and he mentioned go for it – You can do it! When I asked her - How does it sound to her now – She mentioned- his voice had “conviction” – Remember you hear what you want to hear..She believed in her conviction to herself. The book “Awaken The Giant Within- Tony Robbins” very clearly mentions that Belief is “Sense of certainty” and conviction to it.

Did she face a challenge and how did she overcome using NLP unconsciously?

Yeah! She is just 5’2 and you rarely see model who is just 5’2. She deleted that part from her mind unconsciously and shifted her focus to things which she has. You need to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have and make it a big opportunity. In NLP – We call it a TRIAD – You shift your Focus- Physiology- Language. With that applying Mind Map – Deletion part to it. For example – a child cries – You tell him - hey look there on cloud – you shift his focus – there is a gross/minute change which happens in physiology and then it changes language. Now if you see this you will also be surprised that she used differentiation between – Opinion and fact! Height 5’2 is a fact and not opinion. Accepting it and not focusing on it much was the key!

How did she win or convince judges about her height when she was questioned in her interview rounds ?

She never convinced anyone. She convinced herself. She was asked that everything is good but you know what Debashree – you don’t have a good height- 5’2 in Pageant industry this doesn’t work. She answered to the interviewer: Look I am “not absorbing this” and I don’t believe in this. A brilliant way to brake the unanimous belief. She did not believe in other opinions. She did meta-modelling in her mind. For example – if you say – Models are not short height – Ask a meta question – According to whom, it is not?

Did she had some failures as well?

Yeah. According to her, She failed first time in elocution competition in graduation where the topic was “Blue” . She came 2nd in the competition and was not happy about it. She mentions very clearly that I did not believe when I was going for the competition that “ I am a good speaker” and she mentions “ I guess if I would have believed I would have won”. Beautifully this goes back to “Belief System” – Your belief is what drives you! She faced many challenges in Australia also. The way she looked into challenges is – Surrender – Face Them with full determination - and then finding out what can be done best?

How do I turn it into opportunities?

In NLP – In all the exercises what we follow is – “You learn when you surrender!” She is creating her own aura beautifully with her conviction and achieving success.

Did she follow a role-model?

Yeah! We all have Role-model. She unconsciously followed her dad’s physiology and tonality– the way she talks and move her hands is exactly the way her father does. She used role-modelling as a concept unconsciously. Anyone can use it consciously to achieve anything by learning this.
Role-modelling is unconscious assimilation and practicing in parallel context. By this, we can strengthen our own strength. Very importantly, we need to understand, whatever we are role-modelling, we all have that resource we are just polishing and practicing it multiple times.In a nutshell- throughout her life she kept using NLP unconsciously, we also do it. She used it in a way to achieve what she want and the idea is we can also do the same. 
I loved interacting with her and along with me entire audience was also amazed to know how she used NLP concepts so beautifully.

We all from iFlame team wish her leaps and bounds of success!

With Love,
Master's Nlp Trainer Ridhima