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8th Brain Train program completed on 7th May'17...Amazing day with unbelievable learning. Thank you universe and God for giving me so much of abundance that I can heal and work on the belief systems of the people around me...Everyone walked out of the room by leaving away all the limiting beliefs and created more empowering and abundant beliefs. Brain Train started with a vision to let people know that you have all the resources within and yes you have “Neuro Linguistics Programming” (NLP) to let go everything. NLP teaches us that we are imprisoned by how we experience the world. Anyone experience their world through the limitations of their thoughts. This comes from their own mind maps, experiences, learning and many such things. Many people learn to think that one event is only black and white. They never realize that there is an other side of the coin, there is an other way to look at the things, a color side of it, there are many ways to look at the same thing, you can see things with a new logic which you have never tried. We can learn the life and live without the rules you have learned. NLP helps us to know that “I can change the way I feel, as when I think differently; I will feel differently.” The reason to this is – the moment you feel differently your brain will have a changed chemistry. The brain is made up of cocktails and electrical connections. When you think in useful, positive, and productive ways, you feel great, and the chemical reactions work in that way. This all means I have a choice- Choice to be free to have a choice….Choice to love myself.  One of the best time which I have discovered to find this is when you are asleep. The moment you sleep, you reach the heights of bliss and freedom. Your dreams can provide you with a gorgeous, beautiful and astounding happiness. They show you the world in a different way. Thank you folks who all attended this and thank you everyone who all supported me for this. 


Another feather added to the cap of iFlame Consulting.. (NLP with kids) Hello people.. We are back with a bang again.. We loved having a NLP session with kids. This was the first session for kids NLP started by Shilpa and Ridhima. The magic which we lived there was that the Principal of the school who started it 34 years back when people couldn't even reach that school due to no infrastructure. The principal helped to row the boats and get kids educated. 

When we asked them - kids which language would you prefer, they said ENGLISH. We really can't express the kind of happiness we achieved. We literally had tears in our eyes seeing the changes in them. Thank you Shilpa, everyone and universe to help us reach here.



iFlame Consulting is a training and services company which started with a vision to create happiness & success within people. We strongly believe that inner mind is capable of doing anything we train; as all the resources are within; we just need to realize and use it at the right time.

iFlame is on the mission to meet millions of lives and make happiness a habit using Neuro Linguistics Programming and its techniques. ​iFlame has a team of experts who are specialized in giving sessions and certifications programs on Neuro Linguistics Programming,

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