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Time for a big trumpet! Astounding, refreshing, ecstatic and many AHA! Moments at our First NLP Basic Practitioner Certificate Program affiliated with NFNLP, US which was conducted from 18th March-26th March 2017, Pune.

How would you feel when all that which is inside you as toxic gets clear, all the distractions and show stoppers are removed. Yeah! This is what happened to each and every participant at the 5-Day NLP Basic Practitioner Course. Where the purpose of life become so clear for each and everyone and all the goals went on autopilot mode.They could let go all the unwanted behaviors, experiences, memories; they could clearly see, hear and feel each moment of present and future so clearly, openly and with their deep acuity.

NLP doesn't come only by talking, it comes when you actually experience it. NLP is not one day/five day event; its a lifetime event, a lifetime skill; which can be



used by each and everyone in life. They could experience everything so deeply. A big hearty congratulations to each and everyone who completed this with all their heart put into it! Thanks to universe to conspire and keep conspiring everything.

Abundance of Love from Ridhima Dua, founder and trainer of iFlame Consulting. Keep creating happiness and keep changing everyday. 

The next dates for the 5 Day NLP Basic Practitioner Program affiliated with NFNLP, US is 19th,20th,21st,27th & 28th May, 2017.



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