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On 11th & 12th July iFlame Consulting as a team (Ridhima Dua, Rahul Dua & Shilpa Naik) conducted an introductory seminar on Awareness of NLP at Dastur School, Pune. We addressed around 400 parents within these 2 days spread across 2 sessions each day. During our session, we explained the benefits of NLP and how it can help parents to build rapport with their kids for positive and successful journey of them with their kids. It was an overwhelming, entertaining, joyful and astounding seminar which was really successful. Parents who attended the seminar got really benefited and appreciated a lot for this eye-opener seminar.

We introduced to parents about the V-Visual, A-Auditory & K-Kinesthetic base of NLP which parents really loved and can apply with their kids on day-to-day life. This gave them a teaching why they are unable to connect, have a bond and not able to gel/cope up their kids. Parents promised and said that they will spread this awareness to all their knowns, dears and near ones. They also said that they can have this learning and will like to attend and be a part of such seminars more often.

At last, we would like to thank Dastur School Principal Preeti Sahani for giving us this opportunity, her admin staff for the support and everyone who was a part of this seminar. Many Many thanks to all the participants/parents, school teachers and more importantly the kids of the school. Many thanks to the God almighty for making this seminar a success and universe for spreading this positivity all around.

Thank you in abundance to Dastur School and we wish the School all the best in their future endeavors.


On occasion of our son's b'day Rachit, we, our society members

(Namrata Magic), our people from Brain Train family, people who have

gone through our Basic Practitioner and more helped as a noble cause

to this NGO "Snehwan" operating in Bhosari area. We donated books,

shoes, stationery, chocolates, food and more...

Thank you all and all mighty God to give us this opportunity to

serve the needy and necessity. In future we have decided to continue


with this trend and moreover, we will be actively involved to help this NGO not only via the means of food, stationery, shelter but also, providing them required education. Thanks Ashok Deshmane. All the power and support to you for running this NGO and doing this noble cause... Keep going....



iFlame Consulting is a training and services company which started with a vision to create happiness & success within people. We strongly believe that inner mind is capable of doing anything we train; as all the resources are within; we just need to realize and use it at the right time.

iFlame is on the mission to meet millions of lives and make happiness a habit using Neuro Linguistics Programming and its techniques. ​iFlame has a team of experts who are specialized in giving sessions and certifications programs on Neuro Linguistics Programming,

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